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Baby Camping Gear

Getting out to enjoy some quality fresh air in the outdoors is refreshing and enjoyable. It’s a great way to de-stress and recharge your batteries of life.

And then you have a baby.

The thought of packing diapers, bottles, multiple pairs of clothing and precautionary meds are just overwhelming. Because of this, most people decide it’s less stressful just to put in a good movie and stay indoors.

But we’re here to help you and your family feel free again in the outdoors. We’ve done the research and found the essentials for making camping with a baby, easy-peasy.

10 Baby Camping Gear Must-Haves

Portable High Chair

baby-camping-chair-optHaving a dedicated baby high chair that is lightweight and extremely easy to pack around is a must-have for any outdoor occasion.

Rugged Stroller

bob-sport-utility-stroller-optTrade in that beasty four wheeler for a rugged sports utility stroller. Sigh. Okay maybe not to that extreme, but investing in a durable “off-road” stroller is a must if you plan to span a lot of time in the outdoors.

The sports utility stroller by BOB is just what you need.

First Aid Kit

first-aid-kit-optYou can’t just tell your baby to take a couple Advil and call it good. Your baby’s first aid kit needs to have a few more items than usual. This one is a great family kit for everyone. Just make sure you remember to pack any specific meds for your little one.

7am Enfant Le Sac Igloo Baby Bunting (Footmuff)

Besides looking awesome, who wouldn’t want to cuddle up with their little babe in one of these? Keeping your baby warm while camping has never been easier.


peapod-optOnly a parent can understand the value of a baby taking a nap. The Peapod is perfect for naptimes in the outdoors.

Baby Bjorn

7am-infant-carrier-optIt’s always nice to get out and explore mother nature. The Baby Bjorn makes exploring easy and enjoyable with your little runt.

Baby Sunhat

baby-camping-sun-hat-optIf you want to set yourself up for baby camping failure, just let your little one get sunburned. Talk about a miserable experience. All you need to do is grab a baby sun hat and you’ll be fine.

Baby Bug Spray & Sunscreen

baby-sunscreen-bug-spray-optThe BabyGanics mineral-based baby sunscreen and bug spray is the PERFECT combo for protecting your baby in the outdoors especially at less than $20!

Camping Toys

baby-camping-toys-optWell, this seems like a no-brainer right? The best part about these are that they’re actual camping supplies!

Family Tent

family-camping-tent-optWhen it comes to camping with a baby, having more than enough space to accommodate is essential. If your baby is mobile, you’ll want need a tent like this.

Now that you’ve seen our top ten essentials for camping with an infant, share with us some of your favorite tips!

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