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Welcome to the web’s most intriguing outdoor gear search engine. You’re probably wondering…why not just go to Amazon or do a Google search?

That’s a valid question.

Well, the problem with Google is that you’re getting almost all sponsored results. This means that only those websites that are paying Google money will show up on the first page. If you choose to view the Google shopping results, once again, you’re only getting results for those who are choosing to pay Google to have their products listed on Google Shopping. You are missing out on a lot of cool gear!

Amazon is a fantastic website. You probably already spend a bunch of money on Amazon a year! However, when it comes to high-end unique products Amazon doesn’t always deliver. Once again, You are missing out on a lot of cool gear!

Why is the OGE product search so rad?

We’ve developed relations with all the major brands in the outdoor space and developed a way to pull all of their products into one location.

It gets better:

Our gear search can retrieve the same product from multiple websites. That means you can quickly see which website is selling it at a lower price and purchase from there.

We’re packing even more features into the outdoor gear search:

  • filter by price
  • filter by brand
  • filter by average review
  • filter by gender
  • plus more (all coming soon)!

And wait for it….

PRICE ALERTS! Yes, you’ll even be able to set a price alert for a specific item, and when our nifty spiders find it on sale somewhere online, you’ll get notified asap! How cool is that?

Go ahead and give it a try:

Outdoor Gear Search

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