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Oregon Knife Shop

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Oregon Knife Shop

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The Oregon Knife Shop was founded in 2000 in Portland, OR. The company was acquired by MDX Industries Inc. in 2002, and relocated to Newbury, MA. Currently run by a dedicated and quality conscientious staff, the Oregon Knife Shop specializes in high quality pocket knives, tools and watches. They offer in house engraving services and provide a quick turn around on all orders.


All products must be returned in original packaging within 30 days. Engraved items are not returnable. Returned items may be subjected to a 15% restocking charge. Returns and Exchanges will not be accepted without a Return Authorization Number (RMA)

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Oregon Knife Shop Reviews

By: Rich Ensslin

Be carefull about ordering from these folks. First they are not in Oregon at all but are in Michigan. So, if you\'re on the west coast it\'s going to take some time to get your package. And although the website claims free USPS Priority shipping for orders over $75 dollars, my order was shipped FEDEX Smartpost, which takes over a week vs. 3 to 4 days. Needless to say I\'m not very happy with their service.

By: Dan B.

Ordered from the \"Oregon\" knife shop because I live in Washington, and expected a speedy transaction with a shop a state away. Surprise surprise, the \"Oregon\" knife shop is in MICHIGAN, and instead of shipping via USPS Priority, they shipped via FedEx Smartpost. What should have arrived in three days is slated to take over ELEVEN. I didn\'t know that anyone still shipped by mule train. I\'d not order from these people again, just buy directly from the vendor in Japan, it\'ll get to you faster than from these guys.

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