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The Ultimate Military Survival Gear Guide

How To Make A Military Survival Gear Pack

In a survival situation, having the right tools available to you can mean the difference between life and death. A military survival gear pack gives you the best chance of survival.

Survival Gear Pack Items Everyone Needs

Case. The first step for everyone is to find a case. Metal Band-Aid boxes or first aid kit boxes make excellent cases. The important thing is that the case is waterproof, easy to carry and durable. Some items that everyone will need in this case year round are:

  • First aid supplies – bandages, tape, wet clothes and Neosporin
  • Water purification solutions – Pills and drops are lightweight and take up very little space or a pump you can use to filter water
  • Equipment to start a fire – Keep a lighter or waterproof matches in your pack
  • Items to signal with – Brightly colored plastic bags take up very little space in your pack. Also keep a whistle and mirrors to signal for help
  • Food or fishing/hunting equipment – A spool of fishing line, a few hooks, and some lures also take up very little space
  • Items to shelter you from the elements – No matter what environment you are in, you will want something that can protect you from intense sunlight and wind. Many packs use the plastic bag that doubles as a poncho and signaling equipment
  • Compass – GPS is nice if you can have that too, but always have a compass
  • Candle – This is a light and easy to carry source of light
  • Condoms – No, it is for the reason you would usually carry condoms. They also make for fantastic water storage.
  • Swiss Army Knife – A Swiss Army Knife provides a lot of functionality without taking up a lot of space. At the very least, make sure you include a folding pocket knife that has a serrated blade
  • Skin Protection – Regardless of it being hot or cold, your delicate lips will take a lot of abuse from the elements. Protect them with some Chapstick. Also, make sure you have a small tube of sunscreen. This isn’t just for hot environments. The UV rays can be just as strong when it is cold
  • Paracord/nylon cord – Used to create shelter, repairs and more.• Duct tape – Because you can build/fix anything with duct tape
  • Survival Instructions – Because it doesn’t matter how many times you read through it; it is always handy to be able to use it as a reference any time you need it.
    Survival Gear Pack Items Specific to Environment/Season
    Items that are necessary for survival on the frozen tundra will not help a person trapped in the desert.

Here are a few things to consider when you are planning for your environment:

  • Solar blanket – These blankets will capture heat from the sun’s rays.
  • Hat/gloves/scarf – When you are in cold climates, having some extra garments like these that are compact and help keep you warm are a good idea.
  • Maps – The map should be specific to the area you will be in.

Best Places To Purchase Ready-Made Survival Packs

Survival Metrics

military survival packThe Escape and Evade Military Survival Kit found on Survival Metrics has everything you need. It is compact, easy to carry and is designed for use by US Servicemen and women, and is very professional.








Air and Water

skhk-military-survival-packThe Guardian SKHK Hunters Survival Kit sold by Air and Water will supply you with all the practical stuff, plus some hygiene supplies and a deck of cards for a little comfort too.






Army Navy Sales

military survival kit army navy salesThe US Military Survival Kit Type I Class III from Army Navy Sales provides you with a versatile collection of items that will help you survive until you can get back to civilization.








Key to Survival

build your own surival kit

The Key To Survival allows you to build your own custom kit. This is the best way to get the kit you need.




Survival Kit USA

survival kit usaSurvival Kit USA’s Trekker’s Combat Survival Tin includes everything you will need to provide yourself with food and shelter. Lightweight and easy to carry makes this kit a good choice.



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