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Bataleon Evil Twin Classic Snowboard


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Crank up some epic metal tracks, strap into Bataleon's Evil Twin Classic Snowboard, and scream past the weekend warriors so fast their souls fly out of their eye sockets. The Classic hooks up a forgiving, super-fun, and 100% evil ride that shines in the park but still schralps the rest of the hill. The TBT Twin base shape combines with a traditional camber profile for a catch-free feel that avoids the washout and poor ollie power of rocker shapes.

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Dogfunk.comBataleon Evil Twin Classic Snowboard$328.97Check Availability
Evogear.comBataleon Evil Twin Classic Snowboard 2011$328.90Check Availability
SnowboardConnection.comBataleon Evil Twin Classic Snowboard$234.98Check Availability

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