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Frends The Classic


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Drown out the blather of your coworkers or babble from your neighbor on the plane with the sophisticated Frends The Classic headphones. Frends implemented some kickass early American industrial design into the creation of this polished headphone, and jacked it up with a custom designed mic, strain relief, and audio jack. Kick back and let the quality sound of these sweet headphones take you to another place.

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Dogfunk.comFrends The Classic$50.96Check Availability
Skis.comFrends Classic Headphones$59.95Check Availability
SummitOnline.comFrends Classic Headphones$59.95Check Availability
Evogear.comFrends The Classic Headphones$59.95Check Availability
HucknRoll.comFrends The Classic$50.96Check Availability

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